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Website + SEO + 1 Year's Hosting: Designed From Scratch

  • This is not a template. You will own the website code
  • First we will discuss your business, the menu structure and you will provide the text per page
  • The entire website will have a modern feel with a form for inquiries, including hcaptcha to block bots
  Optional Services for Additional Fees
  • Each Additional Web Page: £60
  • Website content authoring: £70-£100/page depending on page length 
  • Software: Larger, more complex websites; online payments and online client bookings (eg if you're a plumber and want clients to book jobs online); CRM; CMS
  • Content Marketing for off-site SEO/ongoing social media management
  • Please contact to discuss other requirements 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A CMS is a Content Management System. It lets non-tech users upload/add, edit and remove website content easily. This can range from articles, case studies and job postings, through to regular text on web pages.

When is a CMS better? If you want to post frequent content (weekly and at least monthly) then a CMS might work out cheaper. Without this you would need a tech person to add/edit/remove content and pay their hourly rate. However, if you only need a brochure-type website with mostly static content a regular website will be much cheaper.

No we do not. The underlying software is probably fine. The main issue with wordpress is it offers very limited functionality. To make it useful we need to rely on many 3rd party plugins. Many of these providers appear to care more about profit than security. As such WP plugins have experienced over 7,000 vulnerabilities to-date. Compare this to regular software that have had under 50 to-date. As wordpress is open source everyone, including hackers know the regular admin login, so bots look for which servers host wordpress and no doubt start to attack those sites over all others. We will not offer you wordpress. In fact to avoid all of these scenarios all our software was built in-house. We do not use any 3rd party tools. We use good old-fashioned coding to keep everything secure.

Yes, we can provide input. When you start with us we will discuss the pros and cons of various approaches and explain certain pitfalls.

Yes we can provide an all-in integrated solution for online bookings or appointments; orders, automated invoicing and online payments: wire transfers, credit and debit cards, as well as paypal for the UK, EU and North America with reasonable coverage in Asia.
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