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Kickstart your software idea with a 2 week development sprint. During the 2 week sprint we'll collaborate on the most important features to bring your software idea to life. At the start of the process, I will assess your requirements and produce a list of tasks / features with estimations so that you can get a clear picture of what can be achieved during this timeframe.  You'll have the opportunity to prioritise your most desired features so that you can choose where the focus lies.  Any features not achievable in this time frame could be deferred to a later sprint. At the end of this process, you will receive a deployable application that you can use to test your idea with real users and data.  The project will be a working basic version of the features that you have prioritised from the first step. Your application will be developed using PHP (Laravel) with MySQL on the backend and either  PHP (Laravel Blade) with AlpineJS or Vue JS on the frontend depending on requirements. We'll use Laravel Jetsream to bootstrap your application providing user authentication features, 2 factor auth for security and (if applicable) team management. Since this is a PHP-based project you will need a suitable hosting solution that supports this tech - this can be arranged separately.     Example Project - Seed Sort: Seed Sort is an application that allows gardeners to catalog their seeds, track when it is time to sow them and when they should be planted out.   Within the first 2 weeks of development included: - User authentication: Sign up, login, logout, email verification, account deletion, 2fa - Teams: Users could invite partners to collaborate on their seed catalog - Seed Management: Users could create seeds and update their details - the number of fields was retricted in the beginning to name, variety, brand and a few others.  More fields were added in subsequent development cycles. - Seed Sowing and Calendar: Specify when seeds were ready to sow and get a yearly overview of what's coming up.  Mark seeds as sown so you know what you've already done. As you can see, we can pack quite a few features into an intial development sprint.  Since then this application has grown and has added many more features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can arrange your own hosting, but it must be able to support PHP, Nginx and MySQL at a minimum. Alternatively I can provide this service for an additional monthly fee.

All software needs regular maintenance to remain performant and secure. If you choose to host with me then we can arrange a SLA to ensure your software and its associated server(s) are kept up-to-date and patched.

You have control every step of the way, so you get to choose what is developed. If we can't fit everything into the first 2 weeks, then we can arrange a further development sprint.

Once the project is paid, then you will receive access to the code via code repository or a zip file of the release depending on the situation.

Yes. During development I will create a password protected staging environment that you can use to assess completion of features.
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